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NORML | National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws

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The Flagstaff Criminal Law Office of David G. Bednar is a dedicated criminal defense firm committed to helping individuals that have been charged with a crime in and around Northern Arizona in the counties of Coconino, Yavapai, Mohave, Apache and Navajo.  

Marijuana Criminal Defense for the following charges:

  • For Sales or delivery – Transportation
  • Possession and possession intent to sell
  • Cultivation – Manufacturing
  • Grow operations
  • Trafficking
  • METRO Sting operations 
  • Medical marijuana defenses
  • Federal marijuana laws
  • State marijuana laws

Does the prosecutor claim to have strong evidence against you, did the officer illegally collect the evidence? Illegal search and seizure issues happen often in drug crime cases. If you or your family member’s Fourth Amendment rights were violated at any point during the search, seizure or arrest, evidence may be deemed inadmissible.

Arizona NORML Lawyer David Bednar has over 20 years of experience in challenging police procedure and evidence. He has aggressively defended client’s against drug crime charges and helps show the weaknesses in the prosecution’s case.

Marijuana Clients

Our marijuana clients come to us from all over the United States . They are usually merely passing through Arizona on Interstate 40 or Interstate 17 and immediately leave the state and go home after bailing out of jail. They need a Arizona Criminal Defense Attorney who not only concentrates in marijuana defense but who also has the experience to handle the logistics that are unique to an out-of-state client. As for our experience in handling out-of-state clients, we have represented hundreds of such persons. Flagstaff, Arizona NORML attorney David Bednar defends marijuana clients in the following counties: Coconino, Yavapai, Navajo, Apache, Maricopa, Pima.

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