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Northern Arizona Attorney | Marijuana Transportation Arrest I-40

Marijuana paraphernalia Interstate 40 Lawyernte

Transportation of Marijuana

Marijuana harvest season runs roughly from October to March. In Northern Arizona Marijuana is transported up from Mexico on Interstate 17 and from California across Interstate 40. Arizona Highway Patrol (DPS) monitors the highways in Arizona and many travelers are profiled and stopped for minor traffic offenses (ie: following too closely or an illegal lane change) and eventually arrested for one of the following charges:

I-40-Marijuana-Bust           * Personal Use – paraphernalia / Production and Cultivation

           * Marijuana Transportation for Sale (interstate 40)

           * Possession for Sale (Narcotics, Marijuana, Coke, Meth)

           * Medical Marijuana

Northern Arizona Marijuana Transportation Lawyer | Free Consult

From his office in Historic Downtown Flagstaff, Northern Arizona Marijuana Transportation Defense Lawyer, David Bednar has been successfully defending clients arrested on Interstate 40  in Northern Arizona for over 20 years. He has successfully defended and challenged the stops by investigating if the officer had probable cause to make the traffic stop, to search you or your vehicle, prolonged your detention against your constitutional rights, warrantless searches, and canine (K-9) certifications.


If you are facing charges of marijuana transportation or marijuana transportation for sale you need the assistance of an experienced Northern Arizona marijuana attorney to protect your freedom and constitutional rights.

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