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For many college students, moving away from home will be the first time they are away from family in a new environment.  This will be a new city, town, school, roommate, living situation and away from the watchful eye of their parents.  It is common for a new college student to experiment with drugs and alcohol during their first years of being away from home, which can result in serious charges and penalties under the adult justice system because most are above the age of 18.  At the Law Office of David G. Bednar, the Flagstaff criminal attorney provides defense for NAU (Northern Arizona University) and CCC (Coconino Community College) students who are facing charges for a criminal offense in the Flagstaff Justice Court.


NAU – is a 4 year public University located in Flagstaff Arizona.  In the Fall of 2015 there were 20,893 students enrolled at the Flagstaff campus.  NAU offers over 80 bachelor degrees and over 45 masters degrees.  Many students live on campus in one of the 21 residence halls and others live in off campus housing located in and around the city of Flagstaff.                                           

Coconino Community College

Coconino Community College – CCC

CCC is a community college located in Flagstaff, Arizona, serving the Coconino County in the Northern part of Arizona.  There are over 10,000 students enrolled yearly.

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If you are an NAU of CCC Student accused of a crime, the right criminal attorney or law firm can help with a bad situation.  Any conviction, misdemeanor or felony, can affect your career as a student and have major impact on future employment. Flagstaff criminal attorney David Bednar, thoroughly evaluates each case and will provide the best defense for your charges.  With over 19 years of criminal defense experience, in and around the Flagstaff and Northern Ariozna area, he has the ability to build an aggressive and thorough defense to help you avoid the penalties of a conviction. If you are facing charges for a DUI (driving under the influence), theft, minor consumption (MIC), drug crime, marijuana possession, paraphernalia, or any other criminal offense, the Arizona NORML attorney, David Bednar, can help defend your case.

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