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Flagstaff NORML Lawyer David G. Bednar is a dedicated criminal defense attorney committed to helping individuals that have been charged with marijuana transportation or marijuana possession in Northern Arizona. Interstate 40 is a highly trafficked area and is patrolled by Arizona Department of Public Safety Drug Interdiction officers.  Many travelers are profiled and stopped for minor traffic offenses (following too closely or an illegal lane change), searched and charged with transporting marijuana, or one of the following charges:

  • Personal Use – paraphernalia                         
  • Marijuana Possession for Sale (Narcotics, Coke, Meth)
  • Transportation for Sale (interstate 40), Trafficking, Possession of Dangerous Drug
  • Production and Cultivation

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Marijuana Clients

Our marijuana transportation clients come to us from Arizona and all over the United States . Most clients are usually passing through Arizona on Interstate 40 or Interstate 17 and will immediately leave the state to go home after bailing out of jail. They need a Marijuana Lawyer who not only concentrates in marijuana transportation defense but who also has the experience in handling the logistics that are unique to an out-of-state client. As for our experience in handling out-of-state clients, we have represented hundreds of such persons. Flagstaff NORML marijuana defense attorney David Bednar has been defending people charged with marijuana transportation in the following counties: Coconino, Yavapai, Navajo, Apache, Maricopa, Pima for the past 19 years.

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    If you have been arrested or are currently being investigated for a marijuana charge, please call David Bednar Flagstaff Marijuana Criminal Lawyer, for a free initial consultation of your marijuana case.   If you are unable to call the office please feel free to send a confidential email through our contact form