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wigwam-motel-holbrook-arizonaHolbrook Justice Court, 121 E, Buffalo, Holbrook, Arizona

Arrested on or near Interstate 40 in Navajo County?  When a person is arrested or cited on Interstate 40 in Navajo County they will need a criminal attorney that is experienced in representing clients in the Holbrook Justice Court. The Holbrook Justice Court, within Navajo County, is a limited jurisdiction court hears traffic, misdemeanor criminal cases and initial appearances on felony charges. Defendants can be charged with violations of the Arizona Criminal Revised Statutes by a Navajo County Sheriff deputy or an Arizona Highway Patrol officer (AZDPS).

Misdemeanor – Charges include but limited to:

  • Personal use of marijuana
  • Drug paraphernalia
  • Driving Under the Influence DUI (impaired to the slightest degree) Extreme DUI or Aggravated DUI
  • Domestic violence

Defendants that are charged with a felony or misdemeanor crime in Holbrook Justice Court will appear before the judge for their inital appearance and a bond setting. If the defendant is charged with a misdemeanor the case will stay in the Holbrook Justice Court and be prosecuted by the Navajo County Attorney’s office misdemeanor staff. For clients that are charged with a felony, their case can move forward through a preliminary hearing or be sent to the Grand Jury to see if there is probabale  cause  that a crime was committed. If the Grand Jury finds that the suspected perpetrator committed the crime, a criminal “felony indictment”  (charging document) is signed and an arrest warrant or summons to appear for arraignment is issued for the person to appear in the Navajo County Superior Court for an arraignment.

If you or a family member has been charged with a felony in Holbrook Justice Court contacting an experienced criminal attorney is necessary as the case will move quickly. Holbrook Felony Criminal defense lawyer David Bednar has helped prior clients with charges such as DUI, DWI, Transportation of Marijuana, transportation for sales, money laundering, and illegal canine search (k-9), in the Holbrook Justice Court. Contact Holbrook Justice Court Criminal Attorney David Bednar immediately at (928)779-3242 for a free intial consultation.

Holbrook Justice Court – Criminal  Attorney David G. Bednar, provides criminal defense representation for clients throughout Arizona facing drug charges including: Flagstaff Justice Court, Flagstaff Municipal Court, Williams City, Williams Justice Court, Page Justice Court, Sedona Magistrate Court, Holbrook Justice Court, Seligman Justice Court, Prescott Justice Court, Verde Valley Justice Court, Mayer Justice Court, Cottonwood Municipal, Winslow, Kingman, Coconino County Superior Court, Apache County Superior Court, Navajo County Superior Court, Gila County Superior Court, Yavapai County Superior Court EDC, and Northern Arizona University