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If you have been arrested (detained in the Coconino County Jail) and charged with a crime in Coconino County your future may depend on the experience and expertise of the criminal defense attorney who represents you. Flagstaff Lawyer David G. Bednar has been practicing criminal defense in Coconino County for over 19 years.  Coconino County is located in the north central part of Arizona and is the second largest county by land in the lower 48 states.

Coconino County Criminal Defense LawyerCoconino County Superior Court

Coconino County Superior Court is located at 200 N. San Franciso St. in Flagstaff, Arizona. Coconino County Superior Court criminal division handles cases for people that have been charged with a felony.  A felony charge is initiated by a complaint or an indictment. The prosecutor can file a direct complaint or the defendant can be indicted by the grand jury, which determines from evidence presented by the prosecutor and law enforcement that a crime was committed.   People charged with felonies will be summoned to appear in the Coconino County Superior Court for an initial appearance.  During the initial appearance the defendant will be informed of the felony allegations, the person is advised of the right to an attorney, a bond and conditions of release are established.

Felonies include such things as assault, rape, incest, child pornography, money laundering, transportation of narcotic drugs, narcotic drug possession, sale or delivery of a controlled substance, transportation of marijuana, transportation for sale, narcotic possession, and methamphetamine.

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Coconino Attorney David G. Bednar, provides criminal defense advice and representation for clients throughout Arizona facing felony charges in courts including: Flagstaff Justice Court, Flagstaff Municipal Court, Williams City, Williams Justice Court, Page Justice Court, Sedona Magistrate Court, Holbrook Justice Court, Seligman Justice Court, Prescott Justice Court, Verde Valley Justice Court, Mayer Justice Court, Cottonwood, Winslow, Kingman, Coconino County Superior Court, Apache County Superior Court, Navajo County Superior Court, Gila County Superior Court, Yavapai County Superior Court EDC, and Northern Arizona University